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Make the Minute Matter Nonprofit Squarespace Website

We’re thrilled to announce a new custom designed Squarespace website for global drowning awareness campaign, Make the Minute Matter. The organization seeks to educate individuals about the epidemic of drowning and provide culturally-appropriate tools for drowning prevention. It’s an ambitious campaign, and an important one.

As you know, I’m an advocate for nonprofits thinking about their websites and marketing with an entrepreneurial approach. There are loads of practices that charities can borrow from startups, small businesses and even large corporations to help grow awareness about their important work and cultivate support. 

In the case of Make the Minute Matter, we implemented several tools to do this. The first was an Interact Quiz, a knowledge-based quiz (read my review of the platform here) that allows people to test their knowledge about drowning, and hopefully inspire them to sign up for M3’s newsletter (they’re using ConvertKit, which is another fantastic tool I use and recommend), which will nuture potential supporters over time. 

Additionally, we worked with our graphic artist, Ashli, to create a suite of gorgeous infographics for the website, but the biggest purpose of them is to make them sharable on Pinterest specifically. Digging into their goals, it became very obvious that many of the people who needed to learn about this important issue in the United States were parents, and they spend a lot of time on Pinterest. So, we wanted to craft a tool that was natural for that ecosystem. Hence, the infographics. 

There are lots of other little details in this site that make it a real workhorse, and we can’t wait to see where the M3 team goes with their campaign! Check out the site at and read our case study over here.

(As always, huge thanks to our superhero Jill of All Trades, Kath O’Malley for all the dedication to making this project a reality!)

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  1. Curious to know how you were able to set up recurring donations on the donate page. Would love to learn what’s powering donations on the back end.

    1. Hi Nancy M3 using Boomerang, which is a CRM for nonprofits, and that allows recurring donations. Bloomerang is fairly pricey, so an alternative would be MoonClerk, which is a lightweight processor. I do not recommend Squarespace’s donations tool… It’s really not set up for the reporting and such that nonprofits need to do.

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