Web Design for Squarespace @ PNCA

This is a brand new class!

For several years, I've taught an introductory web design class at PNCA, which allowed students to use a content management system of their choosing. Unfortunately, because there are so many choices and because design and development for specific platforms are so nuanced, it's become impractical to teach multiple platforms in one. 

Instead, we came up with a new idea: Let's teach the basics of website planning, design and management, as well as introductory coding concepts and wrap it into building a site on the Squarespace platform. With those skills, students can then move onto more complex platforms with a solid foundation in process and design principles, either in an advanced course or in self-study. 


Learn the key principles of website design using Squarespace, a sophisticated and robust web publishing and commerce platform, which recently opened an office here in Portland.

Students will learn best practices in developing a site architecture, implementing proper SEO techniques, developing a design scheme, image management and creating content for the web. Introductions to various web languages as well as the Squarespace developer platform will also be covered. In addition to design for the Squarespace platform, this class will explore responsive/mobile design, domain names, content management system selection, social media integration and the lexicon of website design.


Sept. 30, 2014 - Nov 18, 2014
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Not up for a weekend-long course? Get in touch about a personalized training session design just for you! And, as always, I'm also available for Skype training for folks who are out of the area.