Fall 2010 PNCA Classes

This fall I'm teaching two exciting classes through the Pacific Northwest College of Art's outstanding Continuing Education program. 

Start-to-Finish Digital Portfolio Workshop

Hours: 4:30pm-7:30pm
Date: 12/3/10 - 12/5/10

Description: Create your online portfolio from start to finish. This hands-on workshop encompasses basic website creation (no prior web experience required), writing about your work, marketing and maintenance of your online portfolio. Students completing this workshop should leave with a professional online portfolio, and the necessary skills to keep the site fresh and updated. This three-day, collaborative workshop is ideal for designers, writers, artists and freelancers. 

After teaching an introductory web class this summer, it became very clear to me that there was a need in this community for a hands-on workshop that would empower students to build and maintain a simple portfolio site for themselves, but in a less technical environment than is available in the web design course I teach. Additionally, while teaching at PNCA, I discovered that a lot of artists and other creative types need practice writing and communicating about themselves and their work, which this class will cover as well. I am thrilled that the PNCA-CE staff agreed that an affordable workshop in my method of DIY web design and communication was a fit for their program. 

Register here. (Space is limited in this class.)

Web Tools

Hours: Mondays, 6:30pm-9:00pm
Date: 9/27/10 - 11/15/10

Description: In this introductory Web Design course students will be introduced to the fundamentals of creating a personal or professional website. We will explore various content management systems, strategies for designing a website, examine the process for determining the best web solution for your needs and begin work on a personal project of each student's choice. By completing this course, students will achieve a basic understanding of the language of working with websites, designing and organizing content, and will be able to create a site using a content management system.

Web Tools is a regular part of PNCA-CE's program, and is also part of the certificate program. This is a basic course that gives students the confidence to build a basic site as well as understand important concepts such as usability and best practices in web design. 

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