After you send us an inquiry, our automated system will zip you over all the details about Design in a Day™, including optional add-ons like additional strategy sessions with Sarah, logo design, newsletters and done for you SEO. Once you decide to move forward, Sarah will review your project to ensure it's a perfect fit for Design in a Day™ and answer questions you may have over email.

Get Started

Once you decide to move forward, we'll send you a calendar to select your Design Day, as well as your homework, customized Google Drive folders, and be available to answer any prep questions you may have. And, your payment is due in full (prepaid discount) or deposit is due in order to hold your Design Day for you.

Mini Strategy Session

We recommend that all Design in a Day™ clients take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session with Sarah shortly before your Design Day, but after you've loaded all your content into your project folders. This way, we can review your content and provide suggestions so your site is as amazing as it can be!

Design Prep

Before your Design Day, our team gets ready too! We will establish your new Squarespace account, review any last minute questions you may have, and develop our strategy for your site based on best practices for your given industry.

Your Design Day

On your Design Day (usually a Thursday), we start at the crack of dawn working on your site! Kath gets to work on production and then Sarah jumps in an crafts a design for you. Because we work closely as a team, and have a tight system thanks to many years of experience, this feels seamless and almost like "magic" to our Design in Day™ clients.

Note: If you chose a two-part payment plan, your second payment is due at the begginning of your Design Day.

Design Reveal

In the early afternoon (Pacific), we'll unveil your new website! You'll receive a live link, notes from Kath and two Designer's Notes videos from Sarah, which reveal the thinking behind your new website, and also provide high level tips and ideas for your future digital marketing efforts. We ask that you watch these carefully prior to digging into your site.

Training + Editing Session

Your website training and editing session will happen around 1:30 Pacific over Zoom or Google Hangouts. This is the only time we need you to be available during your Design Day. During that time, Kath will work with you on learning how to edit and manage your website, make tweaks to your design (though these are usually quite minimal, thanks to the prep we do) and answer any questions you may have.

Launch + Celebrate

Finally, Kath works with you to map your domain, connect your social media accounts and take your brand new website live! It's time to celebrate!


A few days after you launch, we'll do a final check of your site, debug it on Facebook and submit it to Google. Kath will also provide you with a training library of tutorials so you have reference materials when you need to update your website. If you've added done for you search engine optimization to your project, that will happen at this point too. Finally, Kath is available for email questions up to a week after your Design Day.