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Now Live: Design by Naomi

While some of my favorite projects let me play with vibrant colors and eye-popping imagery, I was thrilled to step up the the recent challenge of creating a website with a minimalist aesthetic: Design by Naomi.

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Now Live: A Comprehensive Overhaul for Central Park Laser

Zahra, owner of what was then Central Park Aesthetics & Laser, now Central Park Laser, got in touch with me this spring about reinvigorating her company’s website. She had a clear vision as to what the tone was she wanted to send: professional, medical/scientific, and approachable. And, she also wanted a system that was easy for her to manage, as their offerings change regularly as new technologies and techniques emerge. Finally, Zahra saw an opportunity to make add online sales of products that were already doing well in the bricks and mortar business. Any, like many of my clients, their website was built on a tough-to-update Wordpress installation with a template that was a bit outdated. 

It was time for a change, for sure. 

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Real Talk: Squarespace vs Shopify (and more!)

As Squarespace has grown like wild over the last couple of years, my inbox is flooded with folks who want to launch online stores on the system. As a Squarespace Specialist and someone who’s launched loads of stores on this system, this is good news for me. However, as often as I receive inquiries that are a good fit for Squarespace’s commerce system, I receive inquiries from folks who would be better served by a system other than what Squarespace offers in terms of Commerce. 

Yes, I said it: Squarespace isn’t the best solution for all online stores. 

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A Tasty New Design for the Pie Spot

Not to brag, but it’s pretty awesome when a restaurant specializing in homemade pie asks you to re-imagine their website. Because, obviously, in order to really get the creative juices flowing, you’ve got to sample the wares, am I right? 

Pie Spot is a neat little bakery just down the street from my office here in northeast Portland (they’re actually across the street from my other clients, GreenSavers), and while I’d been a customer for many years, I was introduced to them formerly by my frequently graphic design collaborator, Ashli Hughes of Cascade Creative PDX. Ashli has been Pie Spot’s social media manager for some time, and saw their frustrations with their old Wordpress site first hand. It was time for something that really showcased all the yummy goodness the restaurant offers, and would make it easy for them to manage their ecommerce during business seasons, when they prefer to disable online ordering in order to best serve their customers. 

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I really appreciate you guys doing these workshops and trainings, I feel like I’ve been lost at sea, and have a little anchor!! One of my blog posts is on page one of Google after I clustered it!

— Content Cluster Workshop Student

YouTube as a Search Engine
Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine? Join Sarah and guest Jamar Diggs in a conversation about leveraging this tool to expand your audience and get found online.