Is Design in a Day™ right for you?

Design in a Day™ is great for:

  • Solo or very small service-based businesses—most of our DIAD clients' businesses are 0-2 years old

  • Clients committed to supplying all of their content prior to their Design Day™, or who are excited about investing in copywriting to ensure they launch the right way

  • Clients who are clear on what their style is and know Squarespace is the right solution

  • Businesses who are eager to learn how to maintain their site

  • Clients trust that we’ll create a stunning site using best practices

  • Common Design in a Day™ clients include: solo or small law practices, small PR firms, business consultants, florists, copywriters, very young startups, bloggers and artists in need of a portfolio 

Design in a Day™ won't work for:

  • Agencies wishing to white label web design to their clients (we are unable to make an exception to this policy, but appreciate your referrals).

  • An established company that needs a large website

  • Clients in need of the special design details such as custom coding, handcrafted icons, integrations, or interactive elements (if you need icons, we can provide those as an add-on option)

  • Substantive website redesigns—this process is best suited for newer sites

  • Individuals needing to go through a design discovery and revision process—a custom design process would be a better fit

  • Clients who are uncertain or unprepared with regard to your content

  • E-commerce websites