Quiz: What's the right platform for your website project?

After the popularity of my post a couple weeks ago about Squarespace alternatives, I got a lot–and I mean A LOT–of questions about selecting the right platform for your website.

And while the best way to make that determination is by connecting with a professional, experienced web designer (ideally one who understands multiple platforms and their pros and cons), I spent some time designing a tool to help you evaluate your choices using a few simple questions. While this isn't scientific and doesn't cover all the variables, it can guide you as you begin to explore your options. I designed this quiz (thanks to my partnership with Interact, an amazing quiz building tool I'll talk about next month) as a starting point. I'm going to keep tweaking and refining this little tool as I see the data and how different folks answer questions (these are basically questions I ask potential clients), so check back!

Take the quiz below!


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Sarah MoonComment