Introducing Design in a Day™!

2016 was a very busy year over here (in addition to regular work, I also rebranded my little company and relaunched my website) and as a result, I spent some to evaluating what I offer clients and meet the diversity of demand from individuals and companies small and large.

I also had the opportunity to begin collaborating with several awesome women on design and development projects--including Kath O'Malley, a Saskatchewan web pro who bills herself as "the Squarespace designer's partner." She's be my right-hand woman in terms of SEO research, quality assurance and all those nit-picky tasks that need to happen before a new website launches.

In response to repeated requests for quick turnaround, small-scale websites (a demand I've never been able to meet), Kath and I have teamed up to offer an exciting new service, Design in a Day™! Design in a Day™ is for individuals who run service-based businesses (think everyone from estheticians to illustrators to caterers) who aren't quick ready for a full-scale website design process like I offer, who have all their content organized and ready to go, and for whom an existing Squarespace template looks like just the right solution for their website needs--right now. 

What we do is launch your site in just one day.  

Kath and I provide a thorough questionnaire to get a sense of your style and preferences, create a space for you to organize all of your content (which must be provided at least one business day in advance and preferably even earlier when possible), recommend a Squarespace template that will work for you, and on your Design Day--under my creative direction--Kath will snap together a basic but stylish five-page website (and the framework for a blog--we'll even format and schedule your first three posts), conduct a 35-point top-to-bottom review of your site (including light proofreading and initial SEO work) and we'll train you on the basics of your new site. 

Now, this isn't a service for everyone.

Folks who want and need custom design (what they typically get from me), features the require coding, stylish handcrafted icons, or a site that's larger than five pages will not be happy with the Design in a Day™ process. This is for folks who value speed and know that they may need to grow their site as their business grows. I like to say it's an alternative to DIY, for professionals whose time is better spent working on their growing business or entrepreneurial "side hustle" than learning how to create a Squarespace site from scratch. We will be screening each inquiry to appropriateness for this process--Kath and I have been offering this option on a low key basis for awhile now and we have a very good idea of who it's appropriate for.

If you have a friend or colleague who may be interested in learning more about this, Kath and I have built a new page on my website with all the details

Thank you--as always--for your continued support! Wishing you a happy 2017!