3 iPhone Apps that Save My Sanity

I have a complicated relationship with my iPhone. One one hand, it's awesome--it takes great pictures, helps me stay in touch with everyone in my life and stores far more information than my first computer. On the other hand, it sure is needy. 

Last year, I took a whole lot of apps off of my phone and turned off all notifications expect texts, calls and one of my email accounts. Stopping my phone from beeping all the time was a pretty smart move--it's opened up space in my day in which I'm basically uninterrupted. There are a few apps that help things stay that way, too. 

Update: 07/2019 - Sadly, I no longer recommend these apps.

#1 - Mailbox

The built-in iPhone mail app is.. fine. But, Mailbox (created by the same folks who developed Dropbox) is email turbocharged. It allows me to "triage" my email and act on important messages immediately, while scheduling those that can wait for the future. The goal here is inbox zero, and I stay that way most of the time. I also have a beta version of the desktop app, and it's equally fabulous. (Note: Mailbox is now defunct.)

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#2 Outright

This app is actually called GoDaddy Bookkeeping these days, but I've been using it since before it was purchased by the giant domain registrar, so I call it Outright, its original moniker. This is a snazzy app that is completely integrated time-tracking, expense management, invoicing, estimating and even mileage tracking. It does basically all the things I need and I know I can get even more out of it. For me, it's great because it keeps all of those tasks right in my hand, so it's easier for me to be meticulous with my record-keeping. This is a must for any freelancer or very small business. Trust me, I'm not a fan of GoDaddy at all, so I wouldn't be recommending it if it weren't fabulous. (Note: I no longer use this tool.)

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#3 Squarespace Blogging

I never get blog ideas when I'm sitting in front of my computer. Ever. (So annoying!) I get them when I'm walking my dogs, grocery shopping or basically doing anything that's not thinking about my blog. Since I blog with Squarepace (and you should too!), I just pull out my phone, and tap a few thoughts into a new post and save it as a draft. This nudges me the next time I'm on my computer to get that post written! One of the things I really like is that it's also easy to upload images that are on my phone to blog posts, so if something has sparked the idea, I can just snap a photo to go right along with the post. Efficient and easy!

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