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Objectives, strategies & tactics—which is which and why do you need all of them?

The best way to create context for any decision making in your business? Having a clear, written outline of your objectives, strategy and tactics. A whole lot of people start with the latter and leapfrog over the first two, and that's the fast track to spinning your wheels and making decisions that aren't in alignment with where you want to be. I thought it would be helpful to create a simple cheat sheet for you to identify your objectives, strategies and tactics.

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Limitations of Blogging with Squarespace

One of the things I talk to my clients about a whole lot is what their sites can and cannot do. This depends on a whole lot of factors, including template choice, technical skills and, yes, the platform you're working with. One thing I'm very clear with each new client who's fallen in love with Squarespace thanks to the ease of creating content is what the system cannot do. 

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