A Temporary Site for GreenSavers: Before & After

When GreenSavers USA got in touch with me about helping out with their website, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Not only are they a really great company focused on sustainability and quality work, their Portland office is right down the street from me!

Timing was an issue with the GreenSavers project, so we came up with a great solution: Rather than live with their old, outdated site that no longer represented their brand, and wasn’t mobile-friendly, we’d craft a lightweight placeholder website that better represented them while we build a new site that’s completely comprehensive. (I’m partnering with Ashli of Cascade Creative PDX on some of their graphics, which I’m particularly excited about. Need a great graphic design or social media manager who really listens? Call Ashli.)

So, in just a day, we took Greensavers’ online home from this: 

 GreenSavers USA: Before
GreenSavers USA: Before

To this: 

 GreenSavers USA: After
GreenSavers USA: After

This bought us the time to devote this winter/spring to creating a really stellar website, while allowing them to operating with their new brand identity in place on their website. 

A site like this is also a great option beyond just as a temporary website. If your services are very light, and your business is really based on one-on-one communication with each client or customer, something like this could be a great solution. 

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