3 Simple Marketing Apps to Add to Your Law Firm Website Right Now

Ever wondered if your law firm’s website could use a bit more functionality, but not sure where to start? While we never recommend the clients go “app crazy,” we love little nuggets that make the experience for the end use (that is your potential clients) a bit nicer.

Here are three apps every small law firm should consider adding to their website.

#1 Acuity Scheduler for easy scheduling of slient meetings, online Consultations, and even workshops!

This is, hands-down, one of the most useful items in our digital toolkit. Once you get into it, you can really put your business on auto-pilot. Think of it like a personal assistance to help you with your calendar every day.

With Acuity, you can have a “schedule now” button on your website to allow potential clients to book a free consultation or a paid session with you. (Pro tip: There is substantial data to support people valuing consultations they pay for far more than those that are free. It also takes the sales element out of the equation and frees you up to give more professional guidance.) You can also have hidden appointments for existing clients to schedule time to talk to you and, if you ever host workshops at your firm for specific industries, Acuity handles that too!

All you have to do is set up your calendar, create appointment types and connect a payment processor, if you’re taking payments through Acuity.

Cost: free/$15/$25/$50/month
Learn more about Acuity.

#2 Drift or another chat app.

There are a number of tools out there to add live chat to your attorney website, and some of them are even for the legal sector.

We don’t love the pricing model of those geared toward this industry as they are effectively pay per lead. I would recommend that small firms instead invest in search engine optimization, and then gather their own leads via chat on a free or inexpensive app like Drift, Tawk.to, Pure Chat, FreshDesk, and many others. Furthermore, I don’t see any of these as particularly “better” than the others—they should do one thing well, and that’s allow site visitors to quickly ask a question such as “Do you review contracts for freelancers?” It’s an easy entry point, especially for the under-40 crowd, who’s used to immediate communication (yes, email may be too slow for them).

Pro tip: Be sure to install the app on your phone so you can reply quickly and keep a list of common answers on your notes app.

Cost: Free to $50/month
Learn about Drift here.

#3 Beamer allows you to add quick updates to your law firm site, such a new developments in your field or specific news that impacts your clients.

Ever notice that a lot of websites you visit have a nifty little “what’s new” link that pulls up updates and news in tiny nuggets? That’s Beamer and it’s an easy way to add engagement to information to your website when you don’t need to add a new blog post or other content.

It’s dead simple to set up and whenever there’s a timely bit of news, you just update the app and that news item magically appears on your site.

How does this simple tool help you market your firm? It helps demonstrate to your audience that you’re keeping tabs on all the latest information that allows you to help them, that you’re cognizant of the fact that today’s consumer across all sectors is more and more savvy and wants in-depth knowledge, and it’s also an easy way to make your website feel current when you’re too busy to commit to content marketing.

Cost: free to $99/month
Learn about Beamer here.

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